Akasha Art
Modern Painting

I was born in Venezuela and I was always into arts since very little. I took some art classes and studied Architecture for two years. I never took art seriously , it was more like a hobby for me. So, I studied and worked in other things that were not related.

After I lived my transformation processes, I understood that human beings and the universe are a whole. Art enables me to feel and represent what I want to achieve when I depart this life, I see my artwork as enlightenment.

Akasha means energy, an invisible atmosphere that is present in the entire universe, which covers and trespasses everything.

My name is Eugenia De Gregorio, my first creation for Akasha Art was during a personal development program I was doing. I was asked to illustrate my own personal growth process. The result was an explosion starting of a dark origin, ending in bright colors.

After that painting, I continued doing art and my dream was born: my vision/goal of growing up as an artist. I felt extremely supported by people around me, family and friends.

I got ill on July, 2020 during Covid19 pandemic and started painting in my quarantine.

Akasha Art represents that we are one with the universe, everything is connected; and that is what I strive to interpret: connection, colors, explosions, galaxies, nature itself. Everything I feel at that moment and inside of me. Akasha Art is very spiritual for me.

Art makes me feel joyful and in peace; even during dark situations such as the ones I explained before (during a transformation and recovery process).

Also, my purpose is to bring my art to people’s everyday lives and to common areas such as spaces at their homes.